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rumour: Dinotopia, the movie

     Ever since last year at the San Diego Comic Book convention, I've heard
rumours for an animated version of Dinotopia being worked on (probably
fuelled by the TV ad for the first book with the animated Saurapods on the
beach).  I don't believe this particular rumour, because when I met Jame
Gurney, he wasn't nearly as exhausted as he should have been, if this were
the case.
   I recieved the new Viewpoint catalogue at work yesterday.  Viewpoint is a
company that started out making computer models in mesh and wireframe for
accident reconstruction, and now sells their library of computer models to
people who need a sophisticated model but don't have time or materials to
build them.  (they have several dinosaur meshes-most are from JP, or are
derivations thereof, and they even have the old Aurora/Revell/Monogram
Pteradactyl kit as a mesh model-but I digress)
     In this catalogue they have an article on Motion Capture and it's use in
Film.  Discussed is how their models work very well with this technique for
animating.   Illustrating the article are photograghs of movies that use
Motion Capture, such as the recent Batman movie, AND A PHOTOGRAPH OF A MAN IN

Say no more.

Betty Cunningham
(Flyinggoat@aol.com till the end of the month)
(bcunning@nssi.com at work)
(bettyc@flyinggoat.com starting the end of the month)