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A few more random comments as I read the Dino stuff in batches....
LOCH NESS MONSTER: Allow me to provide a plausible theory that
would put this to rest for you who have nightmares of plesiosaurs...
The lake is inhabited by fish and eels. When the eels hit puberty,
they go downstream to the ocean and don't come back. If you have
an eel that through some genetic defect never hits puberty, it
stays in the loch and keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger
until it dies. This explanation gives us, over hundreds of years,
continued sightings of the snake/hump variety, and can even provide
a nice fin for the odd underwater camera. And no need for a
'reproducing colony' of anything, just one retarded eel every
generation or two. (Most of you knew this, right?)
ALL THE WORLD'S LANGUAGES: Actually, there was an article in
Newsweek about five years back citing studies which had in fact
managed to track EVERY language on Earth back to a single root
tongue. I think it was the same issue with "the Eve theory".
They could only find about 10-20 words which survived from the
original (Cro-Magnon?) language, including "dog" of all things.
DINOTOPIA: Thanks for the head's up, Betty! Calling bookstore now.