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Various states of fossilization

Hello everyone

I have noticed a marked difference in the bone material we retrieved from the
Hell Creek form. and bone I've seen from the Morrison. While the hadrosaur
bone was not very mineralized at all, the sauropod from the Morrison was hard
as marble. Sure time differences has much to do with it, but there has to be
more to it than that. The hadrosaur was laying on a thin bed of coal, in
lightly lignitic compacted clays. The clay was almost oily, and I feel this
sealed the bone in some way( you know how hydrocarbons like to lump up
together ). The sauropod was in a hgihly compacted bentonite. The hadrosaur
 bone is deep brown, and very fiberous, while the sauropod looks like black
and gray agate with some slight indications of bone fiber.

Sure, I haven't seen enough bones to make some grand assuption, but I'm

Is there a reason I'm not seeing here? Should I just accept the age
difference without question?

Roger A. Stephenson