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Thanks to George I don't have to say much, but let me address a couple
of points of Steve Cole's that George didn't:

> FOSSIL DEALERS: Assuming no one has any real problem with private
> ownership of 'common' fossils, any dealers on line? Anyone know
> the "Two Guys" company? I've had great dealings with them.

You've made a big assumption there!  Please look again at your copy of
the message you received when you signed on to the list.  The buying
and selling of fossils is a very touchy issue, and while we'll welcome
discussions aimed at fostering cooperation amongst all parties
concerned, we don't want to use this list as a forum for buying and
selling.  If you wish to talk about interactions with dealers or make
contacts with other people interested in buying/selling fossils, you
should subscribe to the rocks-and-fossils mailing list and/or the
fossil-nuts mailing list.  I'm not subscribed to either of them
myself, but it's my understanding that discussions such as the one you
seem to want are much more welcomed there.  Instructions for signing
on to those lists were included in the welcome message (presuming you
subscribed to this list some time after February).

> WHAT IS A colugo? supposed to be a gliding mammal of some sort.

According to an on-line dictionary:


  (NOUN): co-lu-gos.
     The flying lemur.


Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)