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I have been catching up on a week of dino mail.
You all are a bunch of really swell people, helpful and courteous.
SUE: what is "BHI"? I understand the need for acronyms and
abbreviations and use them (too much) in my own work, but could
someone translate that for me?
NOAH'S ARC: Well, as for the birds and insects, perhaps God
provided that some uprooted and floating trees gave a perch to
these of his creatures. After all, God helps those who help
ALBERTASAURUS: what's this about a new name? I have old Albert's
tooth in the den and I want to know if I need to change the little
brass nameplate on it. What's the story? I'll trust you on the
references (no time to hunt them down anyway), just the story
will do nicely.
FOSSIL DEALERS: Assuming no one has any real problem with private
ownership of 'common' fossils, any dealers on line? Anyone know
the "Two Guys" company? I've had great dealings with them.
WHAT IS A colugo? supposed to be a gliding mammal of some sort.
ROSTRAL/CAUDAL: Thanks for a fascinating explanation of this subject.
It was as lively as it was illuminating.
EXTINCTION THEORY: The first serious theory I heard on this, maybe
15-20 years ago on TV (Nova?) was that a big meteor/comet had
struck in the North Atlantic and fracture the joint between plates
to create a really big busted up zone with lots of lava leaks.
This zone became a five-million-year volcano now known as Iceland.
Conveniently, Iceland was formed by a long series of eruptions
in the 60-70 million years ago area. Just luckily, volcanoes are
one of the best producers of iridium (we all know about 'the layer'
that is all over the world at the KT boundary right?).
Now, what's curious about this is except for that one TV show, I
have never seen anything said or written or on TV regarding the
Iceland theory. Everything focuses on one big hit (Yucatan?)
followed by a few years of dust in the sky and mass death.
This theory is then rejected as obviously wrong since the dust
from such a strike would settle out in 5 years max and lots of
species could survive that. But what species could survive
FIVE MILLION YEARS of gloom and clouds and smoke and shadow
from that gigantic smokestack that was (for those years) Iceland?
So, if (to me anyway) Iceland+5,000,000 makes more sense than
Yucatan+5, what happened when I wasn't looking to cause the Iceland
theory to be dropped and never mentioned again?