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Re: Electronic Publication/Response

>I see the terminology "...ISSUED PUBLICLY for the PURPOSE of proving a

What we have stumbled on here is a technical interpretation of the ICZN
rules that needs testing. I could provide an equally viable and extensive
rebuttal to your points of contention that would take us no closer to
resolution of the matter (having just completed my second bottle of
Chardonnay for the evening, I don't think I will bother). But my point is
that a net posting (in specified formats) could be construed as a permanent
record and thus consistent with the INZN rules. I like the suggestion of a
CD rom based journal available over the net. The point is that we are close
to a situation where by publishing, including the correct publication of
taxonomic names, is not only close at hand, but likely to be the prime
method of such publications in the future.

On another front, Chris Nedin, if you are reading, please drop me a line, I
have a request of you and I lost your address.

Cheers, Paul