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Early Tetrapods

On Wed, 16 Aug 1995 DPterosaur@aol.com wrote:

> David Carlisle writes:
> <<[Lebedev and Coates] conclude that batrachiomorphs (Amphibia) and
> Reptiliomorphs (everything else of land vertebrates) are sister groups and
> that the latter did not evolve from the former. >>
> Where do they place _Diadectes_, gephyrostegids, _Limnoscelis_, and other
> tetrapods close to amniotes?
These taxa are basal reptiliomorphs and are thus outgroups to the 
Amniota. The term "amphibia" has been redefined to include those 
tetropods more closely related to modern amphibians (Lissamphibia) than 
to amniotes. Hence the above mentioned taxa are not amphibians in the 
strict sense even though some of them (at least) possesed the "amphibian"
(primitive) mode of reproduction (ie. aquatic eggs and larvae).

Adam Yates