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Re: Piatnitzkysaurus

It's still too early to tell for certain, but I find much in the skeleton
(particularly vertebrae) of _Piatnitzkysaurus_ that reminds me of
_Sinraptor_, _Yangchuanosaurus_, _Cryolophosaurus_, _Metriacanthosaurus_,
_Acrocanthosaurus_, and _Becklespinax_. I'd be inclined to place all those
genera in the family Sinraptoridae, with _Piatnitzkysaurus_ somewhere down at
the base and the more highly derived _Acrocanthosaurus_ and _Becklespinax_ up
near the crown (coincidentally, this also agrees with the temporal placement
of the genera). I would agree that Allosauridae and Coeluria are too derived
to contain _Piatnitzkysaurus_ and that Ceratosauria is too primitive.