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Re: Paul's response...

At 03:40 PM 8/15/95 -0400, Stan Friesen wrote:

>Hmm, anybody want to set up a Web based zoological journal that saves the
articles to CD-ROM?

     Wow! What a concept!
     I remember the old days (_circa_ 1970), when I pored over the _Code_
before (gleefully) sinking one of Cope's lizards (an _Ameiva_), after
struggling with his types in the USNM and comparing them with my own
specimens from the same supposed Caribbean locality.  It took agonizing
months before my paper (coauthored with Jerry D. Hardy, Jr.) finally
appeared in the _Journal of the Biological Society of Washington_.
(Naturally, we would *never* have tried to publish in the august
herpetological journal _Copeia_.)
     George has every reason to fear a  "Hacker Cope."  The man hijacked a
whale skeleton in the late 19th century; he'd be capable of anything
nowadays (sorry, Jane; I'm still looking forward to your book).

-= Tuck =-