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re:Electronic Publication/Response

     George wrote:
     >In my previous posting on electronic publishing, the original message 
     >was incorrectly attributed to Mickey Rowe. It should have been 
     >attributed to Paul Willis. The software that composes replies used 
     >the name of the source (as it was programmed to) instead of the name 
     >of the original writer (which it did not recognize), and I didn't 
     >notice until well after the message was sent.
     >Imagine a modern-day Marsh posting new taxa, only to have hacker Cope 
     >electronically reroute all Marsh's postings to place his own name on 
     >them before "publication."
     >Stan Friesen: CD-ROMs are reasonably permanent, but CD-ROM *readers* 
     >are less so.
     >George O.
     And you are all writing on your "resonably permanent" materials about 
     things which are >carved< in stone, and have already out-lasted the 
     predicted times alotted for any of the said "reasonably permanent" 
     materials.  Hmmmph!  You don't need a CD ROM reader to look at the 
     original fossil.  
     It seems a rather silly thing for paleontologists, of all people, to 
     be arguing about.  We know how long stone lasts, compared to paper OR 
     electronic signals.  Why doesn't the ICZN demand stone tablets?  ;]
     -Betty Cunningham   
     (bettyc@flyinggoat.com starting the end of the month)