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Paul's response...

Paul Willis attempted to send the following message in response to
George's message (which was sent directly to Paul as well as to the
list -- Paul saw it two days ago.).  Paul's response got hung up, and
this time, at least part of the delay was something Paul could have
prevented (but I don't blame him even a tiny bit for not knowing
it...).  I'll explain in the hopes that Paul and others may benefit:
Paul originally sent his message on Sunday or Monday, but it bounced
back to him.  The computer that bounced it stuck in a "Subject:" line
which began "Error Condition".  Paul forwarded that message to the
list, and his software retained the subject line.  Listproc
interpreted the subject as one that probably came from another
computer program, so it rejected the message.  Beware of such
"suspicious subjects" in the future! -- MR

The rest was from Paul (I haven't yet read it or George's initial
post carefully, so please don't hold me responsible for any of the
content :-):

  Sorry this is a bit out of order folks but it got lost in cyberspace
  for a few days and came back with its tail between its legs. so
  let's try again

  > WELL---

  > There you have the relevant portions of the Code. If an author can
  > arrange to have an electronic document PRINTED in a PERMANENT
  > simultaneous edition of multiple copies (that is, not just stored on
  > electronic media to be printed out at whim, for which the potential
  > for erasure exists, or distributed to lists, to which access is
  > limited) for sale or giveaway at a specified time--and he or she
  > states in the paper where, when, and how the document is to be
  > obtained by anyone who wants it, etc.--then it can be considered
  > properly published under the provisions of the Code.
  > G.O.

  No, George, read it again. Printed is not a criteria, so electronic
  format such as the net would seem to be applicable. It could be
  argued that being posted on the net is permanent and it is certainly
  simulatneous editions if each individual computer capable of reading
  it is considered to be and "edition". Computer printout does not
  enter into it because it is not the printout that is the primary
  reference but the posting to the net.  Basically, I can see no
  barrier to publication on the net meeting all criteria as stipulated
  by the code. Again, the only real test will be to do it and see what
  happends (lead by the boot).

  Cheers, Paul