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Re: crea

Hi GS,

>Rejecting creationism is as unhealthy as rejecting alien abductions, ESP, 

>Allah, and black cats as evil (though the morals of my black cat are

  Yes, one must keep an open mind.  However, one MUST reject creationism as a
SCIENCE simply by definition. In the context of the philosophy of science one
should reject creationist thought.   Nothing unhealthy about defining terms
is there?

  One can imagine a vast array of world views, only a few may fall into the
realm of science.

  Rejecting idea of any kind and in any context may lead to one missing
something.  Interesting, however, is the fact that Creationist have already
REJECTED science in lew of thier particular religion.

  -- Michael G. Smith, President, AlphaSoft, Inc.