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In a message dated 95-08-14 16:02:11 EDT, ornstn@inforamp.net (Ronald
Orenstein) writes:

>Excuse me for what may be an ignorant question, but is there available
>material on which to base this?  I was under the impression that all
>Spinosaurus material was destroyed during WWII.

Right--the _Spinosaurus_ type specimen was destroyed in 1944 bombing of
Munich. Nevertheless, Stromer's 1915 paper on _Spinosaurus_ has excellent
figures of all the good bones, and his descriptions are very thorough. There
is no problem working with them.

Stromer's _Spinosaurus B_ will be redescribed from Stromer's 1934 (?--off the
top of my head) paper as a new genus and species of (spinosaurid?) theropod
from Baharija Oasis by Dale Russell. I don't know whether he has any more
material; the original material was also destroyed as far as I know. It
lacked the tall sail of _Spinosaurus aegyptiacus_.