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Re: Ceratosauria

>From: bervoets@nrc.nl (Fred Bervoets)
 > Perhaps i'am wrongly informed but my information is diferent.
 > ABELISAURUS comahuensis Theropoda INCERTAE SEDIS "Carnosaurs"
 > Allen Formation, Rio Negro, Argentina

You are out of date.  They were originally so classified, but
at least half of what used to be in Carnosauria has been removed.

Almost all of the South American "carnosaurs" are now known to be
ceratosaurian.  I have seen precious little disagreement on this
conclusion in the professional journals lately (actually none at
 >  Both A.comahuensis and C.Sastrei are thought to represent  a theropod 
 > lineage (Abelisauridae) evolving independently of the carnosaurs, perhaps 
 > from ceratosaur ancestors.

Exactly.  This puts them in Ceratosauira.

 > Did i mis something? Are these animals now placed in another family?

Ceratosaurs a higher category than family.
The families Abelisauridae, Ceratosauridae, and Coelophysidae,
at the very least, belong there.  Also probably in the group are
the familie Noasauridae, and Spinosauridae.

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