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Re: naming conventions and the Net?

>From: "Cunningham, Betty" <bcunning@nssi.com>
 >         Will the ICZN consider e-mail on such a broad mailing list  ...
 >       as sufficient peers to be recognised as official?

There is also the issue of permanent record.  Paper journals can
at least be easily archived using existing library procedures.

Once adequate procedures for standardized archiving of electronic
publication, something of that sort might be acceptible.
 >         What do you professionals think?  Especially since the mail is also 
 >      available as a digest, and can be downloaded even after the original 
 >      date of publication.  Thus perhaps satisfying the availability to the 
 >      science community.

The problem, right now, is assuring the permanence of the digest.
At least one paper copy needs to be made and stored in long-term
storage somewhere.

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