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Some of you may recall that a while back I mentioned these web-footed probable
theropods that Jerry is presently discussing. 

As anyone with a good idea of what's what in the popular dino literature will
know, Dale Russell mentioned them in 'Odyssey'. Also, David Norman wrote of
tetradactyl web-toed prints in TIED. He suggested that they were made by
therizinosauroids. But, the idea of fish-eating therizinosauroids wasn't as
ridiculous to him then as it is now - to me anyways! (I could, of course, quote
Tom H's response on this - new members take note - therizinosauroid
classification is not in any way a new topic here! Not that's it's in any way
wrong to re-discuss anything in light of more ideas/evidence).

Azdarchids - pterosaurian vultures? Don't make me laugh!!

On spine-folding in _Spinosaurus_, Will Stout has done an (extremely ugly, as
always) picture of a spinosaur with its spines folding cranially, with a hinge
at the base of the neural spine. The text accompanying the picture (in book
'William Stout's Dinosaurs') describes how, early in the morning, the spinosaur
'unfolds' its spines to catch the rays. Ha ha ha ah aha ha ha hhhahha ha! Yeah,
right you are Will.

DON'T you go drawing _Spinosaurus_ with a _Baryonx_ head neither. It's naughty.
At the last DCC convention (there I go again), a rock-terrier (i.e. smaller and
less impressive than a hound) was selling extremely inexpensive '_Spinosaurus_'
teeth. They were smooth, serration-less cylinders, very dark brown and slightly
bulbous mid shaft. They did not taper to a point. I just can't believe that
there are that many spinosaur teeth that can be collected and sold.

"There may be great eels deep down in the lakes. Or some scientists believe that
some of the last dinosaurs may still be living in the dark waters."           
Ah yes... I always thought this was true..