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Re: quadradactyl theropod prints

At 8:06 AM 8/14/95, DPterosaur@aol.com wrote:
>Jerry Harris described four-toed theropod prints, very skinny, about 30 cm
>long with short claws from the Maastrichtian.  Jerry, have you considered
>that idea that you may have found azdarchid prints, possibly those of

        I have considered pterosaurs as makers for these prints, but the
morphology of the prints doesn't match up with the morphology of the
pterodactyloid pes -- sorry!  These prints have a very compact distal
metatarsus print; pterodactyloids don't -- the distal ends of their
metatarsals are widespread apart from one another.  Also, pterosaur feet
have subparallel digits; these prints have stellate digits.  So, even if
you have pterosaurs as digitigrade (I find the idea of them plantigrade a
bit better, but...), they still couldn't have made these prints.

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