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Agreeing with the evidence for fecundity in many dinosaurs, where *are* all the
baby fossils. OK, there's quite a few of a fair number of species, there's loads
of eggs.. in fact there's 100s of eggs, 1000s. Hmmm, there's 1000s, no, 10s of
1000s of fossils eggs.. 10s of 1000s of fossil eggs... FOSSIL eggs means
1000,000s of eggs. If 1000s could become fossils, yet essentially unaffecting
dinosaur populations, then think of how many eggs there were overall - i.e.
assuming that, as is typical of most situations, comparatively few were
fossilised. Oh, so that's where all the baby dinosaurs are. Even if there's few
baby fossils (taphonomic and preservational bias, high degree of snackability),
there's still evidence for 1000,000s of them via the eggs. Or am I spouting 
coprolite again?

Per chance you have not guessed, I at last received my copy of Carpenter, Hirsch
and Horner. What a wonderful book. As Mary Schweitzer says (hope I spelt her
name right) "God bless all the little baby dinosaurs".

Mail me for more details of the _Carcharodon_ story. But only if you're
interested....... (Cryptid off-post)

"The shivering people on the hill heard the angry roar of a pack of full grown
bunyips coming to carry them off and devour them"