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Re: Spinosaurus

In a message dated 95-08-14 01:41:40 EDT, DAVEH47@delphi.com writes:

>You mean _Spinosaurus_ could fold its sail up like a Japanese fan???  What
>exactly would S. look like with its sail "folded"?
>                            -- Dave

Almost: In the "relaxed" position, the neural spines of the cranial (i.e.,
anterior) dorsal vertebrae were subparallel but of course did not overlap the
way the ribs of a folded fan do. In the "arched" position (attained perhaps
by lowering the head and neck as well as arching the back), the neural spines
would spread apart, stretching taut any web of skin that might have existed
between them. It doesn't take very much intervertebral rotation to produce
the effect; because the neural spines were so long, they magnified the effect
of the intervertebral motion.