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Re: naming conventions and the Net?

>Electronic lists are not currently (no pun intended!) regarded as proper
>publications, of course. The reason likely stems from the immutability of the
>PRINTED word. Electronic publications are too easily altered in retrospect,
>and it would be very difficult to establish which of several different
>versions of a paper is "original." Dates, times, words can all be untraceably
>altered in the electronic media by knowledgeable individuals who might be
>interested in claiming copyright, priority of publication, and so forth.

I am not so sure that you are correct here. Chapter 3 of the ICZN does not
specifically exclude electronic lists (Article 9) and such lists do conform
to all the criteia set out in Articcle 8 (What constitutes publication).
Now my copy of the code may be out of date (1985) and there could be some
development I don't know about, I'll have to check with David Ride, but
maybe the thing to do is test the validity by publishing some insignificant
animal on the net and see what happens. Has any one got a new mammal out
there they might use as a guinea pig?

Cheers, Paul