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Re: Albertosaurus

At 6:56 PM 8/12/95, Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:
>Yes, this is a valid publication. The ICZN says nothing about refereed
>journals, etc. The difference between publication in a refereed journal
>versus an ordinary periodical is simply that professional paleontologists
>accept a refereed nomenclatural act at once, but tend to sit on the fence
>with respect to nomenclatural acts published elsewhere.

        This must be what I heard.  Thanks for clarifying!

> This is "journal
>mystique." Plenty of invalid, synonymous, or doubtful zoological names have
>been published in refereed journals over the years, fewer names of any kind,
>valid or invalid, published elsewhere these days. Too bad. I've never
>proposed a taxon whose existence I couldn't defend.

        Well yes, plenty of now-invalid names were proposed in the refereed
journals, but only because the authors and the reviewers thought that (a)
the genus or species proposed _at_the_time_ was valid, and (b) the paper
was convincing enough in that respect.  Only later would the thing be
deemed invalid.  I don't find it possible for refereed journals to publish
papers only on valid genera and species -- they'd have to have a crystal
ball to see if the name would remain valid down the line!  8-)

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