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Re: Creationist "lecture" -- ...

At 1:31 PM 8/12/95, Flyinggoat@aol.com wrote:
>Your answer to the question of dinosaurs in southern California was
>delightful. Thought you might like to know (if you had not seen it earlier)
>that the July/August issue of California Geology magazine has a 3.5-page
>article about the recent find of a hypsilophodont dinosaur in Shasta County
>in 1991 by Dick Hilton. Actually, only some bones from the lower left leg and
>foot were recovered, but enough material for a likely identification of the
>creature. Well, you can read the article for yourself. The references include
>several books and articles which might be helpful to those interested in
>dinosaurs in California.
>BTW Trachodonts were excavated by a team from USC from Cretaceous beds in
>Baja California. If I remember correctly (a dubvious assumption at this time
>of day), the professor's name was Morrison and the work was probably done

        Gee, "Trachodonts!"  There's a term I haven't seen used in about a
zillion years!  How quaint!  8-)

        Anyway,. in addition to all this, there is a fairly good (I hear)
nodosaur skeleton that was recovered from some marine formation in southern
CA (around San Diego, if memory serves).  I think Walter Coombs is in on
studying it.

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