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Re: Albertosaurus

In a message dated 95-08-12 23:50:13 EDT, GSP1954@aol.com writes:

>That's Paul 1988, and D. mega. is probably a large juvenile (but shockingly
>gracile) T rex.

I think you may have had it right the first time, Greg: distinct genus and
species from _T. rex_. But it is a subadult of whatever it is; the prefrontal
is quite loose and unfused to the other skull bones, such as they are. In
looking through Gakken's guidebook to the World _Tyrannosaurus_ Exhibition, I
note a couple of skulls in the _T. rex_ skull gallery that should be targeted
for closer examination as possible _Dinotyrannus_ specimens. It's hard to
tell from the photos what's bone and what's plaster, however.