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Re: naming conventions and the Net?


Not that I'm a pro paleontologist by any means, but I say Betty makes a good

Heck, I've got e-mail archived from over a year ago, and save more every day.

Even if it blows right over my head now, with study and time I usually figure
it out. So you pros can just type 'til your fingers ache, and be as techy as
you wanna be. Some of us are really hungry, and these ref's and lenghty
discussions are more informative than lectures at college.

Heck, I think getting your doctorate in VP these days ought to include at
 least one years active residence on this list! To know us is to love us, or
not. :-)

As far as I'm concerned this forum is one of the most active exchanges of
thought I know of, on the subjects surrounding VP. We talk about robotic
human evolution, buzzard hunting bahavior (or lack of it), why creationalism
is screwed up, genetics, and occasionaly snoring theropods. This group is not
dry, yes we literally drip with the wetness of life and we try to open
pathways to understanding (whether from within or no). 

The fact is we that post to this list express ourselves to a large crowd, and
I'd say none are fools in that crowd. Published, as a word, has changed
meaning with the net coming to be. This note is now a publshed work, and
that's frightening!

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