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Re: Ceratosauria

_Abelisaurus_and _Carnotaurus_ are presently classified in family
Abelisauridae, now considered a subclade of Neoceratosauria, which is turn a
subclade of Ceratosauria. Neoceratosauria was defined by Novas 1991. I can
try to dig out the reference if you need it; it is a Spanish dinosaur book,
if I recall correctly.

_Noasaurus_ probably belongs to Neoceratosauria as well, but the material is
too incomplete to be very certain.

Another abelisaurid is _Tarascosaurus salluvicus_ described from France by Le
Loeuff & Buffetaut 1991. Again, the material is very incomplete. And there is
also _Xenotarsosaurus_ from Argentina.

George O.