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Re: Ceratosauria

The wonderful thing about the study of dinosaurs is that with each new 
discovery our ideas about them usually strenghtened, changed, or are 
modified.  That's what makes it so fun...!!

I remember when Ceratosaurus was placed with the Allosauridae.
..when those elongate eggs from Mongolia were thought to 
belong to Protoceratops only to find later to our surprise to belong to 

The book "The Dinosauria" by Weishampel, Dodson and Osmolska is a 
wonderful resource book.  I am still sifting through all the material.  
..and yes a lot of new discoveries challenge what was written in this book.
Especially the chapters on Segnosauria and Carnosauria.

---John Schneiderman (dino@revelation.unomaha.edu)