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Re: Creationist "lecture" -- ...

>Even then you wouldn't find any dinosaur fossils would you, since
>wasn't the entire West Coast under water during the Age of >Dinosaurs?


FL>California isn't too heavily populated with dinosaurs.  Most of FL>what
I've seen shows that much of California was ocean floor FL>during the
dinosaur eras, excepting some spots much further FL>north, like around
Sacramento and the Sierras.

(this is Dave Stickney of the California Division of Mines's response to a
similar question on sci.geology)

Your answer to the question of dinosaurs in southern California was
delightful. Thought you might like to know (if you had not seen it earlier)
that the July/August issue of California Geology magazine has a 3.5-page
article about the recent find of a hypsilophodont dinosaur in Shasta County
in 1991 by Dick Hilton. Actually, only some bones from the lower left leg and
foot were recovered, but enough material for a likely identification of the
creature. Well, you can read the article for yourself. The references include
several books and articles which might be helpful to those interested in
dinosaurs in California.

BTW Trachodonts were excavated by a team from USC from Cretaceous beds in
Baja California. If I remember correctly (a dubvious assumption at this time
of day), the professor's name was Morrison and the work was probably done

If you're interested in a copy of the July/August California Geology
magazine, separate issues are $3.00 each. Subscriptions are $10/year, $19/2
years, or $28/3 years. The magazine is published bimonthly and is in full
color. You can order separate issues or start a subscription by writing to:

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                Division of Mines and Geology
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                801  K  Street, Mail Stop 14-33
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Payment should accompany the order. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for the
delivery of the first issue. Depending on your interests, you may also want
to request our List of Publications; it's free on written request.

Sorry this message is so long, guess that's why phone companies have decided
that talk really isn't cheap.

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