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correction re Archaeopteryx info

                                           Dear Michael!

Sorry! The third reference I have sent on Tue, 8 Aug 1995....
>Archaeopteryx: Jahreszeitschrift der Freunde des Jura-Museums
>in Eichstatt
>Author: Freunde des Jura-Museums (Eichstatt)
 ...was wrong. (It is written in German and talks about local fauna.)
  Replace it by:

_The beginnings of birds: "Proceeding of the international Archaeopteryx
Conference Eichstatt 1984"
Edited by: Max K. Hecht, John H. Ostrom, Gunter Viohl, Peter Wellnhofer.
Year: 1985  (in mean time this reference was already given by
somebody else)

And the first book......
>Archaeopteryx Lithographica: a study based upon the British Museum
>Author: De Beer, Gavin Rylands
......was published in 1954. (I forgot to indicate in my first message)
Good luck!
Diana Fucci
Geneva (Switzerland)