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Re: Albertosaurus

>From: jdharris@lust.isem.smu.edu (Jerry D. Harris)
 >    Since I don't have a copy, I can't verify this, but:  doesn't the
 > ICZN state that any name for an organism -- even those not formally
 > described in "official" journals -- have to be considered synonyms
 > (junior, senior, etc.) until proven otherwise?  ... 

Not exactly.  There is a provision that specifies the publication
requirements for a name to be considered "available".  Unless a
name is availalble in this sense, it is treated as if it did not
even *exist* as far as zoological nomenclature is concerned.

Thus the only real question is does publication in Kyorugaku
Saizensen count as valid publication?

My guess is that it does, at least if the other criteria are met
(a differential diagnosis must either be given or referred to,
for instance).

The *proposed* new edition of the Code now has a *registration*
requirement, but that is nowhere near being adapted yet.

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