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Re: Albertosaurus

At 2:25 PM 8/11/95, th81 wrote:
>Albertosaurus has NOT been renamed Dinotyrannus.  George has suggested that
>the specimen from the Lancian, called ?Albertosaurus megagracilis by Greg
>Paul, was a distinct genus.  So far, the only publication with Dinotyrannus
>has been Olshevsky & Ford's 1995 article in volume 10 of Kyoryugaku
>Saizensen, but I know that they are planning an American release.

Thom et al -

        Since I don't have a copy, I can't verify this, but:  doesn't the
ICZN state that any name for an organism -- even those not formally
described in "official" journals -- have to be considered synonyms (junior,
senior, etc.) until proven otherwise?  I think this was a semantic point
within the ICZN (that is, not stating the "technical" peer-reviewed nature
of "official" journals) that was planned to be cleared up by the next
edition.  I remember someone telling me this.  Am I off base?

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