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Re: Spinosaurus Sail

The _Spinosaurus_ sail was weirder than we've been led to believe by the
popular press. The cranial dorsal vertebrae (echh! whattan expression) were
all strongly opisthocoelous, with prominent balls at the fronts of the centra
fitting into deep cups at the backs of the centra in front (everyone follow
that?). To me, this indicates a fair amount of intervertebral mobility.
Imagine those tall neural spines, likely supporting a (colorful?) web of
skin, spreading apart and coming together (for display? for
thermoregulation?) as the dinosaur "arched" its back with its epaxial
musculature. I wrote something on this under Spinosauria in _Mesozoic
Meanderings_ #2, but my separate little paper on this is stalled due to lack
of time.

George O.