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Re: Questions about Genusaurus

>I would like to get a maximum of information about Genusaurus,
>the new ceratosaur from the early Cretaceous found in France.
>Did he possess also a horn like ceratosaurus?
>What did he look like?
>Where can I find an illustration of his skeleton?
>Or even better a life restoration of this animal?
>If you can, help me please!

As per normal, I don't have the complete bibliographic info on me.  It was
in Compte Rendu de l'Academie Sciences, Earth & Planetary Sciences series,
this year.

Don't hold your breath on life restoration: there is only a little bit of
the skeleton known.  We don't know what the skull looks like.  Despite
comments in the text, there is nothing surprising about ceratosaurs in the
Cretaceous: there are ceratosaurs in the latest Creatceous of Europe, India,
and Argentina!

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