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Spinosaurus teeth

As I mentioned earlier, I found a Spinosaurus tooth at a rock shop in 
Denver.  When I got home I started combing through all my books to find 
out more about it.  Apparently it comes from Egypt and Marocco ( at least 
that general area ).  Spinosaurs lived some 75 to 95 mya (hope I used 
that mya correctly) and were identified from a partial jaw bone.  Additionaly,
vertibrae were found that are larger than than of T-Rex, thus several of 
my books classify the Spinosaur as the largest meat eating theropod.

It seems only fragments of this giant have been found.  I'm wondering what 
the likelyhood of me having an actual tooth are?  It was very 
inexpensive.  Secondly, many of my books, once again, piont to body 
temprature regulation when talking about the sail on his back.  Is this theory 
synonymous with cold bloodedness, or could a sailback coexist in Bakkers 
warm blooded model.

        Greg Claytor
        Dino Nut