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Re: _Elaphrosaurus_, a Coelophysid?

 From: Stang1996@aol.com
 >  In _Predatory Dinosaurs of the World_, Greg Paul rejected the thoughts
 > about _Elaphrosaurus that were previlent at the time, and put the genus
 > _Elaphrosaurus_ into the family Coelophysidae instead of the Ornithomimidae
 > as it is in _The Dinosauria_.  Has anyhting new come to light about the
 > proper taxonomic position of _Elaphrosaurus_?

As I remember, somebody else (?Tom Holz?) has also come out in favor
of a position within Ceratosauria.

 > P.P.S. Speaking of accented letters.  How do you say Teresa Maryanska's last
 > name?  There is an accent on the "N".  How do you accent a consinent?
Diacritic marks of this sort on a consonant are usually not "accent"
marks, they indicate altered articulation.  It might be a retroflex
or palatalized N, for instance.  It really depends on which language
it is in.

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