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Re: Genusaurus

>From: bervoets@nrc.nl (Fred Bervoets)
 > The note on the press release is as follows:
 > Quote
 > Note
 > presentee par Philippe Taquet
 > remise le 22 juilet 1994,
 > acceptee apres revision le 22 novembre 1994.
 > C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris
 > t.320 serie II a
 > p.327 a 334
 > 1995
Hmm, if I understand this right, it was a *talk* given in 1994,
and the detailed *paper* was not published until 1995.

If so, then the 1995 date is the correct one, as a talk (or
an abstract published in advance of a paper) does not count
as valid publication.

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