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Re: Albertosaurus (is not Dinotyrannus)

I made Greg Paul's Lance species _Albertosaurus megagracilis_ the type
species of the new genus _Dinotyrannus_ in my review of Tyrannosauridae for
Gakken's magazine _Dino-Frontline_ (in Japanese). The lacrimal is more or
less level with the skull roof on top and it does not have the "lacrimal
horn" of _Albertosaurus_, _Gorgosaurus_, and _Daspletosaurus_ (tribe
Albertosaurini), so it cannot remain in the genus _Albertosaurus_. 

Other anatomical features of the skull and forelimb distinguish this form
from _Tyrannosaurus rex_, despite which you will still see the type specimen,
LACM 23845 (from the Los Angeles County Museum--I've seen pieces of it
myself), listed as a subadult _Tyrannosaurus rex_ in Peter Larson's list of
_T. rex_ specimens. Some people think every tyrannosaurid from the Lance
belongs to _T. rex_, the smaller ones being juveniles (of course).

George O.