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I have taken notice of the many letters about the arch of Noah.
It seems to me that there's a unhealthy antipathy towards creationist.
Peter Buchholz wrote about a lecture made by a Dr. Girouad that explained 
how dinosaurs fit into the creation story. I once received a similar "book' 
from a highschool that should explain (and prove) that men and dinosaurs 
were once living together on earth. It was a translation from a German book  
in it were the same issues as that Peter mentioned. I wrote a letter to the 
dr. that was responsible for bringing it into the public, and give him whit 
it the definition of dinosaurs becouse  according the writers of the "book"  
dinosaurs lived on land, in water and in the sky.
In fact the "book" maked clear that the writers "didn't know" very much 
about dinosaurs. The short "discussion" ended whit an invitation for a 
creationist congres.
I didn't go. 

I want to say that i myself am a christian and accepting the New Testament i 
can't deny the Old one. However i also received a brain and i think that God 
want me to make use of it.  I don't have all the answers on questions that 
appear reading the bible  next to  the dinosauria and i for sure don't want 
to give meaningless and untenable answers like that that i received in the 
"discussion" with the dr.
So not having the right answers i keep silence and study on dinosaurs.
Not to prove a right or wrong but becouse the beauty of nature and interest 
in the  dinosaurs . That interest now is what we have indentical and that is 
why i'am on the list.  
Just wanted to let you know where i'am standing.

With regards.
Fred Bervoets