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new Ref (sort of)

       I just recieved a catalogue for a book distributor with an ad for 
     pre-orders for James Gurney's DINOTOPIA-THE WORLD BENEATH (the sequel 
     to DINOTOPIA).  It comes out in Oct, as hardcover, 160 pgs, and in 
     full color.
       The review, very brief, says: "in the amazing sequel, we travel to 
     the World Beneath, a land of caves, water-filled canyons, and shadowy 
     ruins, a place revered, but hard to reach, and even harder to return 
     The distributor is offering SIGNED HARDCOVER COPIES, and will ship in 
     OCT 95.
     If people wouldn't mind, I would be willing to post the distributors' 
     name, address, toll-free phone number, and price details here on the 
     list, but I won't just DO IT as I don't want people mad at me for 
     advertising or commercialism (No, I'm not connected in any way to the 
     distributor), so let me and the list know if it's OK for me to post it 
     Betty Cunningham
     (Flyinggoat@aol.com)-removing the account by the end of the month
     (bcunning@nssi.com)-work-always available
     (bettyc@flyinggoat.com)-starting the account by the end of the month