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Re: Creationists and the ARK

On Thu, 10 Aug 1995, Paul Willis wrote:
> In the barrage of biblical absurdities associated with the Flood story that
> have hit this group recently, there is one group of organisms that have not
> been mentioned that have the most interesting repecussions; human specific
> diseases. There were eight people on the Ark (Noah, wife, three sons and
> wives) and , between them, they had to carry all human specific diseases
> such as various strains of malaria, bubonic plague, multiple strains of
> syphyllis, gonareah, AIDS, hepatitus etc, etc, etc. Not only does the
> question arise of how they survived with all these illnesses for a year but
> also where did such clean and holy people as Noah and his family pick up so
> many sexually transmitted diseases?
Even more of a conundrum is if you consider that the Noah's family
re-populated the earth - stds and all. This means the various races of man
came about via Noah.

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