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Re: Bullatosauria, Arctometatarsalia

>Please tell me what Bullatosauria and Arctometatarsalia include.  I'm

To give you the revised defintions (forthcoming in an article in the Journal
of Paleontology):

Arctometartarsalia Holtz 1994 = Ornithomimidae and all theropods sharing a
more recent common ancestor with Ornithomimids than with birds (or

And Bullatosauria Holtz 1994 = the most recent common ancestor of
Ornithomimidae and Troodontidae, and all descendants of that common ancestor.

Arctometatarsalia includes Tyrannosaurids and Bullatosaurs, and possibly
elmisaurids and Avimimus.  Arctometatarsalia means "Pinched Metatarsaled
Ones" (refering to the pinched third metatarsal in all these forms), while
Bullatosauria means "Inflated Reptiles" (referiong to the inflated
parasphenoid capsule found in troodontids and ornithomimosaurs).

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