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Re: Dinosaurs in Hawai'i

>Prof. Holtz's article in the Journal of Paleontology, Sept. 1994,
>distinguishes the oviraptorid-arctometatarsalian clade, the
>pachycepalosaurian-ceratopsian clade, the Ankylosauridae, and
>the Labeosaurinae from "their more cosmopolitan sister taxa"
>(p. 1111).  What's the opposite of "cosmopolitan"?  Despite T. rex's
>well-known gentle disposition (cf. Barney) and vegetarian habits, I'd
>be sure I was out of earshot before calling him a country bumpkin.

You could use either "provincial" (in general) or "endemic" (when refering
to a particular region).

Note that, since the discovery of an unquestionably valid ornithomimosaur
outside of Asiamerica (i.e., Spain's Pelecanimimus), the Arctometatarsalia
are less provincial than previously thought.

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