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Re: Re: Building Blocks of T. rex (sorry about the last one)

>But because more than one species of
>_Tyrannosaurus_ may be present in the Lance, reference to the genotype
>species _Tyrannosaurus rex_ is not certain enough to warrant changing the
>generic or specific name. (If it were, I'd be the first in line with a
>petition to suppress _Manospondylus gigas_.)

I'd race you for that honor!! ;-)
>All these "lost" specimens make me wonder why anyone would want to turn
>material over to a museum... (just kidding!!).

Actually, I always found the missing "O." grandis type a bit suspicious.
Never did find it in Cope's collections at AMNH or the Academy of Natural
Sciences at Philadelphia, though... ;-)

 (For those who don't know, much of
the Smithsonian's dinosaur collection started out as Marsh specimens at
Yale, and were shipped to D.C. after his death.  Since both New York and
Philadelphia are on the train route from New Haven to D.C., and Cope had
students in both cities during the turn of the century, I wouldn't be
incredibly surprised if ol' Edward Drinker Cope had a final, posthumous raid
on O.C.'s collections.)

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