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Re: Re: Is the Study of Dinosaurs Science?

>If we want to fight the creationists, we're going to have start doing it
>with proper scientific debate and not by quoting "scientific dogma". We
>cannot simply dismiss such ideas as "rediculous" without proper discussion.
>It is very hard to totally disprove the theory that the Earth was created in
>4004 BC complete with dinosaur bones and radioactive isotope rations.

Precisely why Young Earth-ism is UNscientific in the extreme!  This isn't
the proper forum for a long discussion of the subject (try talk.origins or
sci.skeptic) but one of the primary aspects of Science is Falsifiablity:
hypotheses must be able to be disproved.  This is why creationism fails
scientific tests: when cornered, the invoke the work of God, something which
by its very nature cannot be falsified under their own framework.

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