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Re: Is the Study of Dinosaurs Science?

>Perhaps, but can we prove they weren't creations of the devil (or whatever)?
>Beyond doubt?

Naughty! We can't prove a thing, only disprove.

>If we want to fight the creationists, we're going to have start doing it
>with proper scientific debate and not by quoting "scientific dogma". We
>cannot simply dismiss such ideas as "rediculous" without proper discussion.

Wouldn't napalm be easier? (and more enjoyable)

>It is very hard to totally disprove the theory that the Earth was created in
>4004 BC complete with dinosaur bones and radioactive isotope rations.

But this misses the whole point: Arguing with creationists has nothing to
do with facts, truth or what ever absolutes and scientific evidence you may
wish to present. We are dealing with people who _know_ they are correct,
everyone else must be wrong and so endeth the debate. We can not win on our
terms if they don't recognise them. So it is back to napalm (a problem
nuked is a problem solved).

Cheers, Paul