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Re: Dinosaurs, creationists, the ark

Just a couple of antipodean clarifiactions

>-"How did kangaroos get to Australia after the flood?  They hopped,
>that's easy."
>Re: That's stupid.  That is the sorriest explanation of how come
>marsupials were the dominant mammals in Australia and why there
>were no Placental Mammals there until very recently.

Firstly, the original argument really falls over when addressing the
marsupial mole which is blind, can only burrow through sand and is only
found down under. Secondly we do have Eocene condrylaths and bats.

>-"One other thing is that they found Platypus teeth down in South
>Re: Funny thing that modern Platypus don't have teeth.

No, but the fossil ones (Obduradon etc) did.

Becareful when dealing with these bastards. A major claim of our side
against theres is one on integrity; we get our facts straight. They only
need to have a couple of slips such as the former and they throw that claim
right back in our faces.

Cheers, Paul