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Re: Creationists and the ARK

>also where did such clean and holy people as Noah and his family pick up so
>many sexually transmitted diseases?

        As you have noted, they may very well have carried all the STDs.
Others have stated that they had nothing to do all the time they were on the
ark.  Well, some time would be devoted to caring for the animals (or eggs as
the case may be) and looking out the one window (there is only one
mentioned) might be a popular past time.  Perhaps they spent all their free
time talking, you know, God, the flood, all the people who died, that sort
of thing could fill some time.  I personally feel that they spent as much
time procreating as they could spare.  I mean, from their point of view,
they were the only people left on the earth, the animal surely did not pass
up the chance and would have been an example of God's plan for the humans on
board the ark.  At least some of them must have come into heat during the
trip. I wonder,  do any of you biblical researchers any, um, data on this
possibilty as I confess that I haven't read the bible in quite awhile
(booring book, not well written or conceived)?
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