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Re: Creationists and the ARK

In the barrage of biblical absurdities associated with the Flood story that
have hit this group recently, there is one group of organisms that have not
been mentioned that have the most interesting repecussions; human specific
diseases. There were eight people on the Ark (Noah, wife, three sons and
wives) and , between them, they had to carry all human specific diseases
such as various strains of malaria, bubonic plague, multiple strains of
syphyllis, gonareah, AIDS, hepatitus etc, etc, etc. Not only does the
question arise of how they survived with all these illnesses for a year but
also where did such clean and holy people as Noah and his family pick up so
many sexually transmitted diseases?

P.S. I know the spelling is worse than normal here so don't tell me what I
already know.

Cheers, Paul