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Re: Jurassic bird

> A comment by Marx (Science, 199: 284) in 1978 mentions the possible finding
> part of of a possible bird humerus from Upper Jurassic the the Dry Mesa
> area, found by Jensen and looked at by Ostrom.  Does anyone know what
> happened to this bone? Was it from a bird, Was it from a pterosaur? Or is
> it still indeterminate. There was, apparently, no follow-up to this report
> in the literature.
> Chris
The bone Marx reffered to may have been the distal radius described as a 
bird (Palaeopteryx thomsoni) by Jensen in 1981.The bone however is not 
diagnostic beyond maniraptoran theropod and the name is a nomina dubium.  
 Jensen and Padian (1989) discuss this bone and others from the Dry Mesa 
Quarry that suggest a little dromaeosaur or primitive bird was present in 
the Morrison Formation.

 PS. How are things in Adelaide, Chris?

Jensen, J. A. 1981, Another look at Archaeopteryx as the world's  oldest 
bird. Encyclia, 58: 109-128.

Jensen, J. A. & Padian, K. 1989, Small pterosaurs and dinosaurs from the 
Uncompahgre Fauna (Brushy Basin Member, Morrison Formation:?Tithonian), 
Late Jurassic , Western Colorado. J. Paleont. 63(3) 364-373.

Adam Yates