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Re: Advertisements

I hope I'm repeating what has already been said too much, but I thought I'd
offer my opinion on advertising on the list.

1. The product or service being offered should be relevant to members of the
list (i.e. it should be dinosaur or VP related).

2. The subject title of the message should indicate that the message is an
advertisment, so that members who are not interested can easily skip it.
Perhaps it should even include the word "Advertisment" so that people with
clever mail readers can automatically filter it out.

3. The message should be as short as possible. It should state what is being
offered without going into detail. State that full details are available by
replying to the message.

4. If possible, give a URL to a Web page giving a more detailed description
with pictures.

And that (in my opinion) should be all. This way it has the least impact on
people who are not interested while those who are can request more
information. Web pages are particularly valuable for this as they allow
graphics and formatting.

Whatever rules are adopted (if any) should be added to the message new
members get (if that does any good - I wonder how many people read that from
the number of messages from lost users trying to unsubscribe).

Just my tupence worth.

James Shields