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Hypselosaurus and Spinosaurus.

Hi fellew Dino nuts,

I just got back from Denver, Co.  We celebrated my Dinosaur Grandfathers 
ninetyeth birthday.  He did'nt look fossilized though.  Anyway, while in 
Denver I visited a realy neat rock and fossil shop called The Moss Rock 
Shop on Braodway.  The owners name is Jack, but he was in Arkansas pickin 
up a rock, so I worked with his wife Pat.  They used to be in Morrison, 
Co., but moved to Denver in June.  What a great place.

I bought a piece of fossilized dino dung!, eggshell fragments from a 
Hypselosaurus, and a tooth from a Spinosaurus.  They make great additions 
to my collection.  I was wondering what info anyone might have on these 
two dinos.

I also picked up a book on Taphonomy.  This is a very technical essay, 
but I figure it will be useful in interpreting some of the posts here.  
Next summer I'm definately going to pay to go on a dig!

        Greg Claytor
        Dino Nut